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Faith Makes A Fool

Faith Makes A Fool

I created this illustration after my grandfather passed away. He was a christian preacher all his life and he was always sharing Jesus, scripture, songs, joy, love, and humor with others. Like most deaths we watch family members go through, it was difficult and painful, and still sometimes doesn't make sense, but I found his unrelenting faith till the end to be encouraging for my own walk.


The text I used is excerpts from a song I was listening to at the time: Here Now by Hillsong United 

"Faith makes a fool of what makes sense, but grace found my heart where logic ends"

"Be still my heart, let your voice be all I hear now"

"Fix my eyes on the things that I can't see now"


I created box shapes to represent the many "boxes" we all try and put God in to try and understand Him, yet he remains incomprehensible (seen in the boxes missing sides and space flowing through them). The contrasting fading arch of the circle represents the things for which have yet to be revealed and all the unknown of who God really is when we shall see Him face to face.


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