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My passion for art, design, and photography ignited while studying abroad in Germany and Austria back in my college days. My first degree was in Fine Arts with an emphasis on photography. I later went back to school and added graphic design to the mix. Then I started my own business (15+ years ago) and began selling my stylized street photography from my many European travels. Now I love creating eye-catching compositions, illustrations, and designs for any platform.

Adult Students

Graduated 2012

Stark State College 

Graphic Design Certificate

Studied Abroad

Dresden, Germany

7 months

Continued Edu.

Kent State University

Photography & German

Graduated 2001

Lipscomb University

B.A. Studio Arts / Photography 

Studied Abroad

Vienna, Austria

4 months


Complied from the Enneagram, Strengths Finder, and Myers-Briggs

  • Avid life-time learner

  • Always researching something

  • Prefer to balance intuition with reason and logic

  • I have a rich inner world of creativity, analysis, analytical investigation, and invention

  • I come alive when around others that enjoy the intersections of art, design, brainstorming, analyzing and refining

  • Achievement oriented

  • I highly value self-reflection and authenticity 

  • I have a knack for finding what's missing or lacking in any situation and then will move in direction of fixing those things

My current crushes are: street photography, collages, illustrations, and typographic posters.

I'm drawn to creative compositions with layers, multi-meanings, paradox, humor, irony, and emotional depth. 

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