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Grüss Gott! (a friendly german greeting from Bavaria). My name is Samara and my journey began during my college days while studying abroad in Austria and Germany- that's where I discovered my love for art and photography. For the past 15+ years I've been a photographer that specializes in stylized street photography and conceptual photo-illustrations. I have a passion for creating captivating compositions, illustrations, and designs. Enjoy perusing my portfolio, check out my online store, and if you'd like to collaborate on a project - feel free to drop me a note!

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graduation shaking hands
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Graduated 2012

Stark State College 

Graphic Design Certificate

Studied Abroad

Dresden, Germany

7 months

Continued Edu.

Kent State University

Photography & German

Graduated 2001

Lipscomb University

B.A. Studio Arts / Photography 

Studied Abroad

Vienna, Austria

4 months

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Complied from the Enneagram, Strengths Finder, and Myers-Briggs

  • Avid life-time learner

  • Always researching something

  • Prefer to balance intuition with reason and logic

  • I have a rich inner world of creativity, analysis, analytical investigation, and invention

  • I come alive when around others that enjoy the intersections of art, design, brainstorming, analyzing and refining

  • Achievement oriented

  • I highly value self-reflection and authenticity 

  • I have a knack for finding what's missing or lacking in any situation and then will move in direction of fixing those things

My current crushes are: street photography, collages, illustrations, and typographic posters.

I'm drawn to creative compositions with layers, multi-meanings, paradox, humor, irony, and emotional depth. 

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