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new journeys 12x12 (oil)

new beginnings triptych 16x24 (oil)

the swiss alps 24x36 (oil)

peace 18x18 (oil)

give us today our daily bread 10x10 (oil)

what is a people's worth that do not speak? 14x20 (watercolor)

self-portrait 2001 18x34 (oil)

self-portrait 2003 (oil)

fading memories (oil)

cleveland (watercolor)

provincetown dunes (watercolor)

a dream (watercolor)

skull study (oil)

beaver creek (watercolor)

forgotten (oil)

turban fears (oil)

self-portrait 2005 beautiful heartache (watercolor)

rainbow woman (watercolor)

nude #2 (watercolor)

uhuru (watercolor)

nude #3 (oil)

male nude- SOLD (oil)

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