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Marti Gretta
(Client: Battered Women's Shelter)

Jan 2013

“Samara is an amazing photographer. The insight, emotion, and depth that she is able to capture is breathtaking. Not only is Samara's work superlative, she also has a kind and open personality, one which serves her well in her business venture. During my tenure at the Battered Women's Shelter of Summit and Medina Counties, I contacted Samara to provide one of her pieces to a campaign that we ran. She readily accepted the offer, and her piece was prominently displayed in multiple venues throughout Akron, OH. Her piece inspired hope and light to the multitudes who viewed it. I highly recommend Samara's work.”

Jessica McKenna
(Client: Mind/Matter Massage)

July 2018

“Samara is a really great designer who gave my business logo and website a whole new face. She listened to all of my needs and was able to get my website to really flow comfortably and aesthetically. She was able to translate the design I was striving for even though I was having difficulty relaying my vision. Samara is extremely easy to talk to and communicates easily and timely. She's awesome!”

Bill Bihlman
(Client: CEO Aerolytics, LLC)

April 2015

“I worked with Samara on the design of my website. She's very talented. Her creativity, efficiency and professionalism made it an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend her as a web designer.”​

James Gerson

Dec 2019

"Wonderful transaction! The pictures are beautiful and simultaneously so complex. I am a native Clevelander and felt that the photographs did the best job capturing the city as any I have ever seen. In addition, the seller shipped them as soon as payment was received and they arrived just days after purchase. Thanks for everything!"

Katrina Harris
(Client: Apex Broadcasting)

July 2018

“Samara's work for my event graphics are always exactly what I had in mind and in a timely manner. She is extremely detailed oriented and professional. I thoroughly enjoy working with her on projects.”​

Lottie Gray

Aug 2022

"The photo looks great, and great service! I appreciate the prompt updates and communication, thanks!"

Michael Wohlwend
(Employer: CEO Plumpom)

Feb 2017

“Samara was a lucky early acquisition and stabilizing presence during the start-up years at PlumPom. She quickly learned new software, technology, methods, and principles. She stayed late, came early, rearranged schedules, worked intensely hour after hour (we usually needed to tell her to take a break) and was always asking what and when we needed things done. Her organization, drive to accomplish, critical thinking, and considered push-back made us stronger, faster, and more successful. I recommend Samara for any position needing a strong and steady force of momentum via smart, user-empathic design choices from a reliable person who fully invests in her pursuits.”​


Calvin Rydbom
(Manager: Van's Camera)

June 2013

“Samara ran the photo labs at Camera Stores I owned in Northeast Ohio. I was never more satisfied by the quality of our production then I was with her at the helm. Her eye for detail and color was far beyond mine, and I relied on her greatly.”

Chelsea Blackerby
(Employer: Director Plumpom)

Feb 2017

“Samara is a major asset to our creative team. She also works well independently, taking over large parts of and often all of an entire project.. She throws in one good idea after another- and magically, makes those ideas come to life! She has been our Instructional Designer, Information Architect and User Interface Designer in one! Her contributions have made a huge impact on both team productivity AND quality of design interactions.”

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