As a keen observer of humanity and the streets of life, Samara masterfully times, frames, and captures the unfolding energy and emotions of unplanned moments through breathtaking stylistic compositions. Interlaced with clever social commentary and a passion for finding raw and authentic emotional connections, most of her artwork revolves around fine art photography and street photography. Other genres include photojournalism, documentary, travel, nature, wildlife, architectural, and black and white photography. 


In computer graphics her design focuses on conceptual, social-critical illustration, and typographic layouts. Throughout it all she reminds us there's amazing beauty in the simple and "mundane" scenes we pass by and so often take for granted.

Rich in humor, irony, justice, freedom, joy, sadness and love - here you will find the full spectrum of the heart.


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Making your home special

with meaningful artwork

You want unique works of art for your home. Award-winning artistic photography and design that moves you.

One of the things I hear from my clients over and over is how much they enjoy having my photography in their home- artwork that is one-of-a-kind and truly special. Maybe it reminds them of their trip to Europe and the feeling of being in France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, or Austria. Stirring up that excitement and joy of travel and exploration - or how it felt when they too walked the streets of Dresden, Berlin, Paris, Prague, or Rome...

Or maybe it's someone that finally has something captivating and inspiring to hang on their office walls that reminds them why they love being a social worker, therapist, counselor, or educator - those people that invest their lives to help others and crave seeing things in new perspectives. Those that aren't afraid to push the boundaries or fight against the injustices they see. Those that stand up for love, human dignity and equal rights for all. The outside of the box thinkers, the rebels and protestors, the rejected and outcast, the forgotten ones on the island of misfit toys. 


Whichever way you roll, you are someone that wants the art on your walls to reflect the beauty of your heart, and to know that you are supporting an artist that creates from such a place. 

My photographs aren't just pictures quickly snapped from a dinky cell phone. It goes way beyond that. From countless college classes and degrees in art and photography to thousands of hours of extensive study on the streets- watching people and learning the nuances of interactions and behaviors. From training on old-school 35mm equipment and in dark-room printing techniques to purchasing professional DSLR cameras and learning digital printing methods. From hours spent traveling back and forth and over and over to the same location until the right shot emerges to spending hours editing and selecting only the best images out of hundreds, to precisely printing, matting and framing each piece by hand. I've invested a
lifetime into these images. My creations push the lines between the mind and heart, beauty and purpose, love and hate. Photographs that question and engage you. From the grandeur of nature and travel to the homeless and displaced. From the laughter and joy of youth to the fears of growing old and being alone. From religion to politics. Spiritual faith to christian art. From black and brown rights to LGBTQ rights, queer art to gay christian art. The voices of the thousands that are told that they don't exist or they don't belong.  


The purpose is truth and beauty. The beauty of a truly unique photograph is unmatched by anything manufactured from cheap knockoffs, mass-produced and consumed online. Rather, these photographs are moments in time uncovered and captured with meticulous timing, after hours of searching and waiting for the perfect light and perfect lines to fall into place. They come to life in your home and plant the essence of the vulnerable and incarnate world deep inside you. When they live with you they bring a change in perspective, a shift of the heart, a stirring toward something better- a moving from outward-in and inward-out. A full circle, with eyes fully opened.



*WARNING* COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT — It is illegal to download copyrighted images. All images are electronically tracked and protected. © 2021 Samara Peddle

 © 2021 Samara Peddle


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