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Back in the day, my collegian studies spanned through-out the Fine Arts category but photography and graphic design became my strongest emerging duo. Though I still enjoy tinkering in drawing and painting, I’ve been mostly exhibiting and selling my stylized street photography from when I studied abroad in Germany and Austria to the many different trips I’ve taken across the US. I fell in love with art & photography in Europe and riding the trains with my old-school-35mm-camera in hand. I encountered such life and beauty in those countries and people: Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, England, and Scotland. The time I spent there definitely changed my life forever.

Nowadays, I come alive around any other artistic minds and enjoy creating visual designs of many sorts. I'm not afraid of insightful critiquing, asking why, and exploring and discovering the hidden inter-connections of Human-ness // Life // Art // Nature // God.

Need Photography/Design Work?


Street Photography

Poster / Ad Design

Conceptual Illustrations

Compositional Layouts


Cd Covers

Charcoal Drawings

Christian Themes

LGBTQ+ Themes



Business Cards



Commercial Photography

Portrait Photography

Photo Editing/Retouching

Video/Sound Editing


"I do not want to die... until I have

faithfully made the most of my talent

and cultivated the seed that was placed in me

until the last small twig has grown."

Käthe Kollwitz



Client: St.Vincent-St.Mary High School / Theater Department

Creating posters, program brochures, tickets, for musicals/plays. Photographing stage productions.


Client: Emmanuel Fellowship Church

Creating all advertising, posters, seminar cd covers, portrait & event photography, audio/video, website, and podcasts.


Client: Jo-Ann Fabric Stores / Recruiter: The Creative Group

Creating prints & patterns for fabric designs in the fleece & flannel shop.

Dismantling complex files so they can be edited- up to and including rebuilding them entirely. Building out layers from flat image files, recoloring, matching pantone swatches, cleaning-up files, prepping files for production.


Client: Jo-Ann Fabric Stores / Recruiter: The Creative Group

Web design work, coding, html email building, web banner creation, asset and layout editing & refining, any digital prep and release needs.


Client: Rockwell Automation / Employer: PlumPom LLC 

Building e-Learning modules, UI/UX designs, animations, video, audio editing that demonstrated complex technical constructs and concepts.


Client: Sun Newspapers

Covering events such as Brown’s football games, high school sports, and political rallies.


Employer: Lifetouch Portraits

Organizing, posing, and photographing children and staff at daycares, elementary, and preschools. Seting-up equipment on location & managing large groups of children into cohesive shots under time constraints.


Employer: Van's Camera

Overseeing all lab work for a photography store. Small to large format posters, art canvases,  photography mounting, photo restorations, and retouching. Creating graphic designs for website, ads, and any promo materials.


Michael Wohlwend

A Former Employer /

CEO of PlumPom, LLC

"Samara was a lucky early acquisition and stabilizing presence during the start-up years at PlumPom. She quickly learned new software, technology, methods, and principles. She stayed late, came early, rearranged schedules, worked intensely hour after hour (we usually needed to tell her to take a break) and was always asking what and when we needed things done. Her organization, drive to accomplish, critical thinking, and considered push-back made us stronger, faster, and more successful.

I recommend Samara for any position needing a strong and steady force of momentum via smart, user-empathic design choices from a reliable person who fully invests in her pursuits."

"Samara is a really great designer who gave my business logo and website a whole new face. She listened to all of my needs and was able to get my website to really flow comfortably and aesthetically. She was able to translate the design I was striving for even though I was having difficulty relaying my vision. Samara is extremely easy to talk to and communicates easily and timely. She's awesome!"

Jessica McKenna 

Former Client

Martina Sharp-Grier

Former Client

"Samara is an amazing photographer. The insight, emotion, and depth that she is able to capture on film is breathtaking. Not only is Samara's work superlative, she also has a kind and open personality- one which serves her well in her business venture. During my tenure at the Battered Women's Shelter of Summit and Medina Counties, I contacted Samara to provide one of her pieces to a campaign that we ran. She readily accepted the offer, and her piece was prominently displayed in multiple venues throughout Akron, OH. Her piece inspired hope and light to the multitudes who viewed it. I highly recommend Samara's work."


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