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Cortona Girl

Cortona Girl

Location: Cortona, Italy

(Taken with 35mm film camera)


...once upon a time I found myself shooting allyways in Italy. Most open doorways beckon me, so I went in only to find construction, dust and dead ends. So, turning back, I looked across the street— and felt a composition begin to emerge. The frame of the arching door, the lines and textures of the window, the soft angles of the hanging cloth, the contrast of light and darkness and the simple curved wired chairs and table were breathtaking to me. So, there I am- standing in the dark, looking through the door to the otherside trying to compose the best angle for this amazing scene. But something didn't feel right yet. So I waited... then suddenly a young girl pops out of the door, in her little skirt, leans forward with a slight bend in her knee and glances down the street. I can't explain the feeling, but it just looked so cool and made the composition 50x what it was before. And then she was gone. It was a moment that changed my photography forever and I'll never forget it. Sometimes life just aligns.

And I was there for just that moment.


Reminds me of my favorite photographer- Henri Cartier-Bresson and his "decisive moment" as he called it.

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