Client: Mind/Matter

Initially, this client promoted her services with information written on a small card. I offered to re-design her business' visual presence to give a more professional and cohesive look that related directly to her vision.


I created an entirely new identity for her that includes:

  • logo

  • slogan

  • business card

  • gift certificate

  • website

Logo: The business' primary services include neuro-muscular massage, trigger point therapy, reiki and fitness training. The name mind/matter was combined with a design based in sacred geometry, and reflects her desire to help balance and heal people's bodies using a combination of these techniques. I choose Metatron's Cube as the basis for the geometric figure of the logomark which visually expresses the core of our anatomy and how our individual nervous systems are interconnected and branch out to the rest of the body. Stemming from physical, emotional, and spiritual pain, each point correlates and links to form a complex map that can be 

harmoniously re-aligned by connecting all the pieces. The colors of blue and green were chosen to reflect the idea of attaining balance and calm in the body.

Slogan: "Empowering Bodies & Minds Thru Creating Space / Movement / Well-being." After some brainstorming, I was able to narrow her focus and pinpoint her business' mission statement, and out of that we created the slogan. I visually reinforced that concept through the kerning of the words in her slogan and by repeating the slash used in the logo.

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