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Thematic Elements: 

The main image is the flattened outline of the church. The slogan's initials BCCTC is also seen within the building itself- the "B" frames/creates the left side of the building along with incorporating the church's 3 prominent windows, which then leads to the "CCC" then the "T" drives through the center (Christ's nails driven through his flesh). The red evokes the passion, blood, and compassion of his sacrifice. The line that runs through the side of the building also looks a bit like a heart monitor beat line- beating upward through the church and down into the earth below- flowing out into the community and reflected in the unique cut-outs of the 'typeface' choosen (the unique "face/character" of the christian people,  also "chosen").


The shadow of the church building is 'reflected' downward (as Christians are called to reflect Christ). This also represents the vertical coming of the Kingdom, as the roof top creates an arrow pointing up/downward as well- as the heart of Christ bursts forth from the center location, of the main window of the church (like the window of our souls).

© 2020 Samara Peddle